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Maria Campbell

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About Me

For the past several years, our family has been on a journey toward better health and wellness.  We have slowly been modifying our lifestyle to include more whole foods and less toxins in our body care and home cleaning products.  Young Living essential oils and supplements have played a major role in that journey and we cannot imagine day now without our oils!  We continue to FEEL the difference that these lifestyle changes and oils have made for us.

Having used essential oils from several companies, we immediately noticed the difference between those other brands and the amazing quality oils that we were introduced to from Young Living.  When you experience that difference, there is no turning back.  We have found the very best and will no longer settle for less!

I like to call this my “accidental business” because I truly had no intention of building a business and even fought it as it began to happen for over a year!  I soon found that I loved these oils so much and that they had helped our family in so many ways that I couldn’t stop talking about them.

Fast forward to now and I can’t believe the blessings that have come from this little “accidental business” of mine! Not only am I able to stay at home and homeschool our children, but I get to share my experience as I teach others about the amazing benefits of essential oils and bring in an extra income while I do it!  It’s a win-win!